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Luxury ethical swimwear made in the UK



Emily May is a new luxury swimwear and beachwear brand based in London, designed and owned by
Emily May Hope Avery.



There needs to be a mind-set shift away from fast fashion and the over consumption of plastics - today, plastic pollution in the oceans is a severe problem and is becoming detrimental to us and sea life.

The luxury Italian Lycra we use is made up of recycled fishing nets that have been discarded in the ocean and lay on the sea bed. By collaborating with fishing communities to find solutions to dispose of plastic, our Lycra manufacturers turn plastic waste like this into regenerated nylons to help clear up the oceans! Their factory only uses renewable energy, which reduces their gas, electricity and water consumption!

We are an ethical brand that minimises the plastic we use and ensures we create products that are long-lasting. Our products are designed and made exclusively in the UK, significantly reducing shipping and our carbon footprint.



Quality is extremely important to us. We want you to have beautiful swimwear that fits well and lasts.
We only use high quality materials and expert manufacturers to create our panelled pieces.

Our stunning Italian Lycra is a high-end recycled fabric that is incredibly soft and breathable while also highly durable and more resistant to chlorine and sun creams.

All of our components are metal plated with anti-rust properties.

We don’t like plastic!



To ensure as little waste as possible we have extended our eco-friendly ideals to our packaging too.

Our boxes, tissue and tags are all made from paper and cardboard.

Our mailing bags are composed of an oxo-biodegradable material that decomposes naturally.

Please recycle your packaging!

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