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The Unmasking of a Lady was released in hardback in the UK in September 2010, in paperback in the UK and North America in November, and in Australia and New Zealand in December as part of the Summer Blockbuster 2010.

Copies can be purchased from Harlequin Historicals (here) or Mills & Boon UK (here) or Mills & Boon Australia (here).

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The Unmasking of a Lady
To read the first few pages of The Unmasking of a Lady, please click HERE.
The Unmasking of a Lady US cover
It's common knowledge that Miss Arabella Knightley spent her early years in London's slums. But what the Ton doesn't know is that Arabella has a secret: by day she is a lady, but at night she helps the poor--stealing jewels from those who court her for her money but disdain her for her past.

Adam St Just--one of London's most eligible bachelors--is bored by polite society. Uncovering the altruistic thief's identity is an interesting diversion--but unbuttoning her proves to be even more diverting. There is far more to the infamous Miss Knightley than he had ever imagined...

ISBN 978-0-263-21468-0 (UK Sep 2010 hardback)
ISBN 978-0-263-87614-7 (UK Nov 2010 paperback)  
ISBN 978-0-373-30604-6 (US Nov 2010)
ISBN 978-1-742-55513-3 (Aus/NZ Summer Blockbuster Dec 2010)

Arabella Knightley, the heroine of The Unmasking of a Lady, spent a number of her childhood years in London's slums. For me, some of the most enjoyable parts of writing this book were the scenes set in the slums. For a truly flavoursome description of London's slums, written by Charles Dickens (who wandered through the area not many years after Arabella was there), please click HERE.
Arabella lived in a rookery in Whitechapel when she was a child--and no, a rookery is something other than a colony of rooks, penguins, or seals! For a description of what a rookery was in Regency London, please click HERE.
In the course of The Unmasking of a Lady several references are made to the Prince Regent's style of decorating, which was rather flamboyant and extravagant and--in the opinion of some--tasteless. If you'd like to know what Arabella and Adam are referring to when they discuss Prinny's table decorations, take a peek HERE.
Adam St Just, the hero of The Unmasking of a Lady, owns a property in Sussex called Roseneath Priory. The priory is a very gothic building. For some background details, please click HERE.

While at Roseneath Priory, Arabella reads Northanger Abbey, by Jane Austen (published in 1818 after Austen's death). Northanger Abbey is a tongue-in-cheek gothic novel. Read it, if you have the chance! (The heroine Catherine's experiences at Northanger Abbey are very different from Arabella's at Roseneath Priory.)
Because of her experiences as a child, the heroine of The Unmasking of a Lady has devoted her life to saving girls from prostitution in London's slums. Sadly, child prostitution still occurs today. ECPAT International is a global network of organisations and individuals working together for the elimination of child prostitution, child pornography and the trafficking of children for sexual purposes. If you would like to donate to ECPAT International, please click HERE.

The Unmasking of a Lady UK cover
The Unmasking of a Lady ANZ cover
"One of the best historicals I've read in a LONG time!" Anna Campbell, author of My Reckless Surrender.
"Bottom Line: Own more than one copy so you can safely have one on your Keeper shelf, and a few to loan out."

To read an in-depth review of The Unmasking of a Lady by Cybil Solyn of Rakehell.com, please click HERE.
The Unmasking of a Lady was shortlisted for the 2011 Australian Romantic Book of the Year (R*BY)!

And I'm thrilled that it was also a finalist in the Booksellers Best Award and the National Readers' Choice Award!
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